Our main goal is to develop strong relationship with our customers, to provide services that meet the highest market, quality and scientific standards, to act proactively, while ensuring the preservation of our professional independence. Our customer portfolio includes companies of various sizes and forms, in most business sectors in Greeceand Bulgaria.

Our clientele includes a wide range of different sizes of companies, from all sectors of the economy, such as industrial and commercial companies, service companies and real estate operating companies.

Our foreign customers are mainly entities from EU, cooperating with us mainly in a direct contact with their head quarters, providing them with our services, support, data and reports, in accordance with their requirements and guidelines.


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24 Voulgaroktonou str. Evosmos
56224, Thessaloniki
Τ. (+30) 2310758887
Mantara Complex
2870, Marikostinovo
M.(+359) 877150550